visions : 2017


Looking forward to things may be the most complicated action. To some, the future is something to be anxious about; to others, the future brings excitement and motivation. For me, the future is a mix of something that I need to be anxious about, or at least know what it offers and something that I want and look forward to everyday.

My journey towards it, or how I make the future into now is what I plan to share in this blog. A blog open to my passions and adventures, as well as medium to share opinions and experiences. Something new, unlike my old blog that was exclusive to literature.

I see 2017 as a year filled with hope and expectations after the dread 2016 was, I see it as an opportunity to be brave and do things that I desire. It is, for me, a year full of goals and motivation.

2017 is a year where I strive to making these visions into reality.